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Destiny is a happily partnered mother of one living in southern Maine.

She has a B.A. in English from Columbia University, where she focused on pre-Rennaissance comparative literature. Before that, she was one year shy of completing a degree in Theater. She's also spent time studying Czech, religion, mathematics, education and accounting in an academic setting.

When she's not chasing down an energetic baby, Destiny enjoys dabbling in a range of hobbies. Current favorites include: family history and genealogy; writing; knitting; canoeing; crafting in various mediums.

Born and raised in the western foothills region of Maine, at 19 years old she decided to move to Prague and teach EFL. Although that endeavor only lasted 3 months, it opened her eyes to just how large the world was. At 23 years old, she packed her life into a Ford Escort and moved to NYC, looking for adventure and chance to prove she could "make it". Seven years later, confident that she'd proven herself, Destiny returned to the beauty of Maine. She now lives in a small coastal tourist town, where she dislikes the tourism and loves the ocean.

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